The Telos PI Program

How to go from idea to validated product startup in just 10 weeks 

The path of any entrepreneur to research, design, develop, and launch a product is full of twists, turns, distractions, failures, hard work, and more failures.


To succeed you must truly understand your customer's wants & needs, find a real gap in the market, keep yourself motivated and accountable, and find a sounding board of like-minded people & be ready to learn, learn, learn. 

Knowing how scary it is to try anything new without proper guidance, we have designed a process and a program to help any new product entrepreneur, especially those transitioning from 9-5, on how to remove the risks and ease into the entrepreneurial world. We call this process the 'Product Invention Program'

Introducing the Telos Product Invention (PI) Program


The Telos PIP is a proven 10-week step-by-step program that helps you collaboratively research your market, design your product, then design & validate your business model. 

Regardless of your past experience, size of your idea, or app development knowledge… The Telos PIP is here to give you the blueprint to building a successful product business. All without wasting money on expensive market research, wasting time on learning specific design skills, or investing in new and confusing technology.

Designed for Entrepreneur Success


Proven Process

We have taken away all the guesswork out of successfully launching your leveraged offer online. All you have to do is follow the steps that we lay out and take action. 


Expert Mentorship

Anytime you need help, simply post in our private community or attend one of our live streams. Customised, on-demand mentorship is only a click away.


Mastermind Community 

Being surrounded by people who are on the same journey makes the world of difference. We have a dedicated Community Manager who makes sure no question go unanswered.



We have multiple check points build in to ensure you keep your momentum, stay accountable, get the help that you need so you can successfully launch your online program.

Join the PI Progam


Normally $4,995

When you join the PI Program, you get immediate access to:

Step by step training material 

You’ll learn absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know (customer research, value propositions business model development, personas, user journeys, user interviews, prototyping, competitor research, juggling a 9-5, and more) through our detailed 10-week curriculum.


Templates & cheat sheets

Get plug-and-play design templates, landing pages, research resources, customer survey templates, interview questionnaires, and more. AND we'll even configure your landing pages, so you can quickly validate your ideas.

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Private Client Community

You have an entire community, an entire family here to ensure you successfully design a loveable, feasible, and financially viable product. Inside we have a full-time dedicated community manager to make sure every question gets answered.

Fortnightly Live Sessions

You are able to get your personal questions answered in these sessions directly from Zeke, our resident product manager. They are perfect for unpacking what issues you're struggling with and resolving them. 

What our clients are saying:

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The PI Program Process


Week 1: Understand your product development lifecycle

While we cannot tell you how long your journey is, we can teach you what a typical product lifecycle looks like. 

We will show you typical product lifecycle frameworks and then help you slot your idea into the right framework. 

Week 2: Defining your product vision 

Clarity of communication is key to product success and clarity starts with a well-articulated, well-understood & well-tested product vision. 

We will help you describe the future state of your product, the main problems that it solves, and articulate some of the ways that you see it appearing in the market. 

Week 3: Defining your personal brand & product objectives

New product development is an entrepreneur's game and when your new product is still in development, YOU are the product that customers, stakeholders, and investors will buy into. 

We will walk you through exercises to help you better understand your personal brand, goals, and objectives, and define ways to personally grow and make the most of what you have got. 

Week 4: Competitive and industry landscapes

Around 15% of new products fail because of 'right product, wrong time' - This week is our insurance policy against 'wrong-time' failures. 


We will cast a wide net of research to understand current context of your marketplace, value chain, and supply chain, then critically analyse the impacts of your product introduction. 

Week 5: Generating a killer value proposition

This week we understand what problems our products solves for users and defining what value it REALLY gives to our customer. 


We will put ourselves in their shoes and imagine what else is happening at the time of purchasing, using, or interacting with our product and therefore prioritise what are the critical features of our solution. 

Week 6: Customer research interviews & surveys 

Things get real from here - now is the time to list your riskiest assumptions and test through real customer feedback. 


We'll help you find possible contacts through to implementing techniques for interviewing, observice and surveying prospective customers, both online and offline. 

Week 7: Define your user personas and user journeys

Now that you have lots of great customer insights, it is time to list the characteristics of your ideal customers and decide how & when they will interact with your product. 

We will take you step-by-step through simple techniques to further empathise with and define your customer as personas, then we'll outline their journeys before, during, and after using your product. 

Week 8: Design your product user-flows, mock-ups & landing page

Don't worry - you don't need to be a designer or have any design experience.  ​

We'll help you turn your user journeys into basic mock-ups either in Miro or with pen and paper, then help you transform them into screen-flow examples that you can showcase your idea or tell a story with. 

Week 9: Test and validate

It's crunch time - time to test your value proposition and your product idea. This week you'll get back out in front of prospective users for a round of testing, feedback, and validation. 

We'll help you design feedback sessions to test your prototype and user flows, teach you concepts to decide the best features, and help you create your own product landing page to trial some marketing and validate your pricing and value proposition. 

Week 10: Draft your business model & business case

Designing a business model helps plan how to best develop your product, estimate operating costs and profits, and ultimately provide a decision to develop or pivot your idea. 

You will learn the basics of how to define your business models, different ways to find estimates from delivery partners, how to calculate costs and revenue, and give you the data to decide if you should develop or pivot your idea. 

Join the PI Progam


Normally $4,995

  • Don't think you have the skills or experience?

  • Unsure if your product idea is worth pursuing? 

  • Have no idea how to fund building a product? 

  • Still not sure if this program is for you?

Get answers: Book a 'Get-Started' Session directly with Zeke

Frequently asked questions and answers

Have a question about the program? 

Startups and app development seem risky, do you offer a guarantee? 

If you follow our program, finish the activities, share with and seek feedback from our community plus consistently attend all of the scheduled sessions, we guarantee you will have a validated product idea in 10-weeks.


If you believe you have done all of the above and STILL don't have a validated product idea, simply submit your documents and we will work with you 1:1 to support you and validate the idea, or give you your money back.


I can't afford this program, is there anything you can do for me? 

Yes, we can offer you a payment plan so that you can pay this off over time. With the payment plan we offer you can get started today for just $395. That's all the money you need to get started right now, today.

How is this program different from others?

Unlike most programs, The PI Progam is designed to help entrepreneurs with a day job to design a succesful product business from scratch. We teach one thing, and we teach it well. 

How is this program different from others?

Unlike most programs, The PI Progam is designed to help those entrepreneurs who still have a day job to design a successful product business from scratch. We teach one thing, and we teach it well. 


I'm still not convinced if I can do this or if my idea is even a good one?

There are no bad ideas, just bad market-execution, and bad timing. If you are still not convinced if the is the right program for your to get started, schedule an idea assessment call with Zeke via the link below. 

If you are concerned about privacy or sharing your idea, we will happily provide and/or sign any non-disclosure agreement contracts. Please indicate in the reply after you have scheduled a call. 

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